Dos Equis Ends The Most Interesting Man In The World Campaign

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Of The Best Dos Equis ‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’ Quotes (+Video)

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The strategy proved profitable, with pulque now typically appeared-down-upon and imbibed by comparatively few folks, with Mexican-brewed beer ubiquitous and very popular. He taught theater at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York from . He moved onto a large sailboat moored in Marina del Rey. As of 2011 he and his spouse Barbara (who was his agent when he obtained the Dos Equis position) are transferring to a home in the space of Manchester, Vermont.

Grupo Modelo’s brands embrace Corona, Corona Light, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Victoria, Estrella, Léon, Montejo, and Pacifico. Most of those beers are lagers brewed in large industrial vegetation, and made with minimal malt. Except for some dark beers, such as Dos Equis Ambar, León Negra, Negra Modelo, and Noche Buena, that are Vienna-fashion beers, nearly all beer produced in Mexico is pilsner.

The finest-identified and finest-promoting Mexican beer within the United States by far is Corona, produced by Grupo Modelo and distributed by Anheuser Busch. FEMSA entered the US market later, however has paired with Dutch enterprise Heineken USA to advertise and distribute its manufacturers, particularly Dos Equis and Tecate.

Heineken Makes Non-actors The Stars Of Tv Ad For The First Time

This spurred breweries along the border, similar to Mexicali Brewery and the Aztec Brewing Company, both in Baja California. Beer became big business by the early twentieth century. By 1925, regardless del seci beer quotes of the sturdy preference nonetheless for pulque within the center of the nation, Mexico was producing 50,000 liters of beer per year.

Modelo Especial is Grupo Modelo’s second model after Corona, and was first brewed in 1925. It is a pilsner-type beer that is obtainable in each bottle and cans since 1966. It is second in recognition in Mexico and the corporate’s third best vendor within the USA. A light version, called Modelo Light, has been out there since 1994.

  • Starting within the Eighties, the enterprise started new companies, corresponding to INAMEX, which produces malt, which led to the name change to Grupo Modelo.
  • Exports to other international locations followed, and Corona turned the number one premium imported beer within the United States in 1997.
  • The first of the corporate’s many acquisitions was the Cervecería Toluca y México, absorbing its Victoria and Pilsener manufacturers in 1935.
  • During the same interval, the corporate started exports of Corona beer to the United States, turning into the second most imbibed imported beer there by 1986.
  • Modelo continued buying smaller local breweries in numerous parts of the country, absorbing most of the manufacturers produced and making lots of them obtainable nationwide.
  • First exports to the United States have been realized as early as 1933.

This beer is the first is a collection devoted to varied soccer/soccer legends and groups which the enterprise called « La Liga Cervecera » (The Beer League). This identical group created the corporate Cervecería Revolución with beers devoted to Che Guevara, Maquiavelo and Emiliano Zapata. Victoria was first brewed by Cervecería Toluca y México beginning %keywords% in 1865, but Modelo acquired the brand once they purchased this firm in 1935. It is offered in bottles, each the usual 325 ml and the massive 950ml. The beer is a Vienna-type, however is an amber colour and lighter than the other Vienna beers brewed in Mexico.

Who is the guy in the beer commercial?

Jonathan Goldsmith, 78, rose to fame as the spokesman for the beer brand Dos Equis, known for his TV-ad tagline, « I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. »

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What happened to the Dos Equis commercial guy?

In 2016, Dos Equis replaced Goldsmith with the French actor Augustin Legrand, as a younger, but supposedly equally interesting version of « the man. » It didn’t take. The actor now works with an award-winning tequila and mezcal brand, Astral, and seems like he couldn’t be happier.

Corona (Beer)

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What does the Dos Equis guy say?

Since 2006, Jonathan Goldsmith has played The Most Interesting Man In The World in a popular series of ads for Dos Equis. His catchphrase — « I don’t always drink beer. But when I do, I prefer Dos Equis » — has worked its way into Internet culture.

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