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REST uses XML, JSON , or plain text for all requests and responses. It is faster than SOAP because JSON is utilized in the request/payload. REST and SOAP provide their own unique tradeoffs and challenges, especially with respect to testing. To test an API, you need to be able to build clients, send input data, and then be able to view and validate the output that was returned. The operations can be arbitrary in that there are no restrictions in the scope or purpose of the operations being defined. Operations have a signature, typically representative of the fully qualified name of the element inside the envelope’s Body element. For example, the element’s name might be “calculateSomething” or “doSomethingFun”.

soap vs rest

REST can use the data in Comma Separated Value , JavaScript Object Notation , and Really Simple Syndication . The point is that you can obtain the output you need in a form that’s easy to parse within the language you need for your application.

What Is Rest Service?

We shall revert to your questions in the Comments section given below. Finally, event payload handling is by the SOAP messaging protocol in a logical success and result communication between the client and server.

Or, check out the Kanban (development) infographic if that’s more your style. You can just read a postcard too, while an envelope takes a few extra steps, like opening or unwrapping to access what’s inside. It is the protocol used most often for major services such as Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon, and even Google. Red Hat gives you modular, lightweight, and comprehensive API solutions that are open source, open standards, and available on-premise or in the cloud. They’re a big part of how you can optimize your IT to be more flexible and deliver value more rapidly. Code on demand, allowing servers to extend the functionality of a client by transferring executable code .

Resource parameters may also take the form of query parameters or headers. Endpoints exposed on a server in the REST architectural style works by having the client send HTTP requests to talk to web services. From there, operations can be performed thatCreate,Read,Update,Delete, also known as CRUD operations. These operations are performed by using standardHTTP methods. These standard HTTP methods are GET, POST, PUT, UPDATE, and DELETE. For example, a REST API will expose resources from endpoints on the server, allowing a client to then send an HTTP GET request to return data arrays or data objects to the requesting client. With REST APIs, the data format most commonly used isJSON, but can also be plain text, hypertext, and XML.

Difference Between Soap And Restful Web Service In Java

If you are starting from scratch, building an API consider that something like 70% of the web is now based on REST/JSON. Write one API endpoint in REST and another in SOAP and let me know where your sanity stands after each. Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane helps our community see the larger API landscape and better understand how Postman supports developers to be more successful across the modern API lifecycle. It’s helpful to understand the good and the bad of both so that you can make the proper design when planning your next API .

  • Great answer but remember REST can use any transport protocol.
  • Because SOAP is a protocol, and REST is an architectural style.
  • REST allows a greater variety of data formats, whereas SOAP only allows XML.
  • It’s useful for scenarios where a chain of operations has to be made, such as bank transfers.
  • In today’s post, we’ve discussed how SOAP vs REST vs JSON are related to each other and web services.

We are seeing a growing trend in API Management, and we see ReST take a lead. Most of them support one of YAML, RAML or Swagger definitions making it easier to learn, try and implement them. It requires comparatively more plumbing code Agile software development in terms of transaction, security, and coordination. Easy to use as its simple HTTP protocol with JSON or XML structures in getting and post. Generally, in technology, we face the dilemma of choosing between two or more services.

REST is a great choice for startups, mobile apps, and developers building modern Single Page Applications . RESTful API’s have gained massive popularity due to their interoperability and flexibility on the web. Web services built with this architecture can evolve independently of the applications that consume them. REST based API’s do not have a well defined security protocol – but JSON soap vs rest Web Tokens are the most common method of authenticating and authorizing requests. REST API messaging involves the exchange of representations of a resource. It could be a structured data exchange/interchange format such as XML or JSON, or something completely different like PDF or JPEG. A REST API could support multiple data formats or different data formats for different resources.


Overall it is a broad term that tells us how the communication between two different set of devices or applications held over the World Wide Web . SOAP is difficult to implement and it requires more bandwidth whereas REST is easy to implement and requires less bandwidth such as smartphones.

soap vs rest

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SOAP was designed before the WSDL, and therefore the WSDL is optional. Although, it is significantly harder to interface with a web service that does not have a WSDL. It is even able to define whether any element or attribute is allowed to appear multiple times, if it is required or optional, and can even dictate a specific order the elements must appear in. All of this is codified in the WSDL – Web Service Description Language. The WSDL is often explained as a contract between the provider and the consumer of the service. In programming terms the WSDL can be thought of as a method signature for the web service. This is just the TLDR version, keep reading below to go into more details about the two formats.


As SOAP can only transfer messages as XML files, your SOAP API will be less performant, as XML is a verbose format compared to JSON. API calls made to your server will need more bandwidth and it will take more time to process the request and transfer the response back to the client. The WordPress REST API is another popular example of REST APIs. It provides endpoints for WordPress data types so that you can interact remotely with the content of a WordPress site and achieve great things such as building mobile apps with WordPress. According to Nordic APIs, REST is almost always better for web-based APIs, as it makes data available as resources (e.g. user) as opposed to services (e.g., getUser) which is how SOAP operates. Besides, REST inherits HTTP operations, meaning you can make simple API calls using well-known HTTP verbs such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. It’s an architectural style that defines a set of recommendations for designing loosely coupled applications that use the HTTP protocol for data transmission.

You need constant updates following any change, but it’s easier to ascertain if the contract is being followed. SOAP and REST can’t be compared directly, since the first is a protocol and the second is an architectural style. This is probably one of the sources of confusion around it, since people tend to call REST any HTTP API that isn’t SOAP. Representational State Transfer can truly be called a “web services” API as it is based on Uniform Resource Identifier , of which URL is a specific type, as well as HTTP protocol. This API mostly uses JSON for a data format because of its superior compatibility with browsers.

soap vs rest

SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol – defines a very strongly typed messaging framework that relies heavily on XML and schemas. REST -REpresentational State Transfer – is an architectural style that makes use of existing and widely adopted technologies, specifically HTTP, and does not create any new standards. REST can structure data into XML, YAML, or any other machine-readable format, but usually, JSON is preferred. As you can see, Computing both SOAP and REST have their advantages and disadvantages. As REST is a stateless architecture by definition , sessions can’t be maintained in web services. So, each API call needs to be completely independent and include all the necessary data since it can’t depend on previous calls. This can be an issue if your web service requires stateful operations consisting of a chain of messages that rely on each other for information.

Should I Use Soap Or Rest For My Apis?

Popular web services that have been around for a while might have many users who still connect to their services through their SOAP API which was the market leader before REST gained popularity. Salesforce, for example, provides both a SOAP and a REST API so that every developer can integrate Salesforce with their own platform in a way that suits them best. Statelessness – There shouldn’t be any server-side sessions.

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